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Widen your Horizon       Reclaim your true self

Let us all choose to raise our consciousness and live with full potential!!


Conscious Living 2U aims to embed Meditation and Healing as a part of daily life. The tools we offer will enable you to increase your awareness and lead more qualitative and fulfilling lives. What separates us all is the level of consciousness we are operating at. 

Understanding ourselves at a deeper level allows us to make more conscious choices and take responsibility of our own actions and behaviours.



Meditation is a simple yet one of the most powerful tools to raise our consciousness and connect to our multi-dimensional nature. Regular practice enables to quieten the monkey mind, de-condition ourselves and connect to our innate self. 

Group therapy

Inner Child Therapy

Our Inner child is that part of us which is innocent, vulnerable, creative, full of wonder, enthusiasm and curiosity. During our childhood, we may have gone through certain life situations or experiences which made us feel hurt, rejected, abandoned, fearful or shameful. These feelings remain suppressed and we carry them into our adulthood shaping our personality and behaviours. Inner child work is an approach to recognizing and healing such wounds and trauma. We are able to address our unmet needs and reparent ourselves, feeling whole and complete.


Rebirthing Breathwork

Rebirthing Breathwork is a body centered therapy that uses ‘Conscious Connected Breathing’ technique. It is a spiritual, physical, emotional and mental model for healing. Breathwork allows us to connect and learn from our own breath. Each session induces relaxation allowing us to release stored stress, tension, pain and emotional trauma of all degrees. We feel energized, rejuvenated and experience a deep transformation.

Healing Therapy

Sound Therapy

Sound healing is a practice that uses vibrations and frequencies to promote relaxation and overall well-being. A specific way to influence brainwave frequencies, enabling a person to enter an altered state of consciousness similar to very deep relaxation or meditation. A session typically lasts 45 minutes, or up to an hour, during which the person is completely immersed and surrounded by sound.

Image by Jayshree Sharma

Art Therapy

Creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being. Art Therapy uses Art as a tool to gain personal insight and develop self-awareness. It enables to unlock the power of Sub-conscious mind and release outdated beliefs and patterns. We connect to our inner intuition and learn to express ourselves more freely and spontaneously.


My name is Shuchi Goyal

My inner exploration began with simple Breath Awareness Meditation. Consistent practice allowed me to connect within and understand myself at a deeper level. I feel it is essential for us to cultivate self-awareness and mindfulness for our own growth and evolution.

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“There is no greater freedom than to be that which we were meant to be.”



Conscious Living 2U aims at a Holistic approach to Life – connecting at all levels – Body, Mind, Emotions and Soul. Our purpose is, to enable you connect to your inner wisdom and live a fulfilling life with Purpose and Meaning.

We are sometimes unaware of our own conditioned mind set and live in ignorance with certain beliefs, perceptions and rigid rules. But, we always have a ‘Power of Choice’ and can alter our lives to feel complete and whole.

With Meditation and Alternative Healing Therapies we de-condition ourselves and let go all that is unnecessary. We understand our patterns, behaviours, life situations and relationships at a deeper level. This can bring a great shift in our lives and enable us unfold the infinite potential within us. We can manifest Abundance, Creativity and Success in our lives.

Book a personal session or join for any upcoming programmes/ workshops. We are also open to facilitate corporate sessions.

Stay Connected !!

“The way out of fear is through it.”

- Auriela Mc Carthy

Stone Balancing
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