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At some point in life, many of us experience a sense that there is something missing—a void that leaves us feeling incomplete. It becomes a wake-up call, urging us to seek answers and pay attention to our inner longings.



I'm Shuchi, and I come from Khanna, a quaint town in Punjab. After graduating in Engineering, I spent over nine years working in the corporate world, navigating the ups and downs that life presented to me. However, amidst the experiences and challenges, I sensed a deep yearning for greater understanding and meaning. This longing guided me on a path of seeking, and it was during this journey that I had a profound encounter with meditation. This transformative experience opened the doors to a new realm of possibilities, unveiling the path of self exploration.


Initial practice of simple Breath Awareness meditation made me realize its profound benefits. This inspired me to explore other Healing modalities such as Rebirthing Breathwork, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Family Constellation & Transgenerational Healing. My curiosity grew, and I felt a strong calling to delve deeper into the field of Spiritual Science and Healing.


As my self-awareness expanded, I began recognizing repetitive patterns in my life. I connected to my deeper perceptions and emotions. My inner journey continues as I learn and grow.


There are various paths to personal growth and development, and through Conscious Living 2U, I aim to share the valuable insights and learnings that have guided me on my own journey. I hope these offerings will benefit you as well.


I express deep gratitude to the incredible guides and mentors who have illuminated my path and shared their wisdom. A special thanks to Dr. Newton and Dr. Laxmi GV of Quantum Life University (QLU), Hyderabad, for their teachings and guidance.

"We are truly magnificent and multi dimensional spiritual beings, who have taken birth on this physical plane for learning and realizing who we are. I wish for all of us to live with full potential and be their own masters"

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