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My name is Shuchi Goyal

Somewhere in my life I had a feeling that life is just passing by and I am missing something. As if there is a void and I didn’t feel whole and complete. I began looking for answers. That was my wakeup call and I paid full attention to it.



Hi, I am Shuchi and I come from Khanna, a small town in Punjab. I did my graduation in Engineering and worked in an MNC for 9+ years. Like any other person I had a normal and average life with few dreams and ambitions of my own. It was during my job in the year 2015, that I was going through a certain turmoil within. As I was seeking answers to my questions, meditation entered in my life.


I began with simple Breath awareness meditation and slowly realised its benefits and continued the practice. Along with meditation came other healing modalities like Rebirthing Breathwork, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, Transgenerational Healing to name a few. My curiosity kept on increasing and I decided to give my full attention to the field of Spiritual Science and Healing.


As I developed my awareness, I could observe a few patterns that I was repeating in my life. I noticed my self-sabotaging thought process, perceptions and my own fears. I embraced my emotions and different aspects of me which felt rejected or were suppressed. I continued my inner work and still I am a piece in making. And learning continues.


There are many ways to work on our own personal growth and development. Here with Conscious Living 2U I wanted to share some of my learnings which helped me on the way. I hope you will too benefit from the same.


I am greatly thankful to all the wondrous Guides and Mentors through whom I could discover these pearls of Wisdom. My special thanks to Dr. Newton and Dr. Laxmi GV of Quantum Life University (QLU), Hyderabad for their teachings and guidance.

"We are truly magnificent and multi dimensional spiritual beings, who have taken birth on this physical plane for learning and realizing who we are. I wish for all of us to live with full potential and be their own masters"

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