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Rebirthing Breathwork - 11 Days Online Workshop

Mode: ONLINE | Duration: 11 Days from 25th Sep to 05th Oct'23 | Timings: 6:30 to 7:30 AM

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Rebirthing Breathwork is a body centered therapy that uses simple, yet powerful ‘Conscious Connected Breathing’ technique. It is a spiritual, physical, mental model for healing.

Rebirthing Breathwork’s predominant characteristic is simplicity. It begins with you taking a comfortable posture, relaxing and just breathing. It uses an easy to follow breathing technique called ‘conscious connected circular breathing’ that is guided by a trained Breathwork facilitator.

The process of long and careful attention to the circular breath technique exposes multiple layers of inhibitions and unconscious patterns of defenses that have developed from birth and throughout your life that have blocked your pleasure and aliveness. You can neutralize and integrate whatever surfaces by simply breathing through it even as you maintain present awareness and know that you are safe.


What you will learn?

  • Introduction to Rebirthing Breathwork

  • How breathwork can help you improve your well being

  • Importance of Breath and learning to use your own breath as a tool for inner connection and healing

  • Body-emotions-mind-spirit interconnection

  • Hand on personal experience

What is included?

  • Each session includes knowledge sharing and guided breathwork sessions

  • Practical Exercises

  • Group sharing

What topics are covered?

  • What is Rebirthing Breathwork

  • How to do Rebirthing Breathwork

  • What is conscious connected breathing

  • Rebirthing Breathwork with different elements

  • Benefits of Rebirthing Breathwork

  • Importance of Breath

  • Three types of Breathing

  • Experiences during Rebirthing Breathwork

  • 15 Biggies of Human Trauma

  • Guidelines to enhance your practice


  • Boost your energy levels

  • Release stored stress and emotions

  • Bring in deep relaxation

  • Clear your mind and sharpen your awareness

  • Become aware of the deeper layers of the self

  • Improve your physical health

  • Relieves anxiety & depression


Who should attend?

  • Looking for a simple yet effective tool for inner awareness

  • Beginner to meditation or alternative healing

  • Feel anxious or stressed

  • If you are a over thinker and feel restless

  • Anyone who wants to improve their overall health and boost self immunity

  • You are a meditator and want to deepen your spiritual practices

Workshop Schedule:

  • 11 Classes for 1 Hour each

  • Date : 25th Sep'23 to 05th Oct'23

  • Time : 06.30 A.M to 07:30 A.M


Workshop Fees:

  • Rs 2100/-

  • Paytm/ GPAY Number: 9650600787

  • For direct payment: Complete the Registration Below.


Contact for any Queries

​   Shuchi Goyal

   E-mail :

   +91 - 9650600787


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"Loved to be part of the 11 day Breathwork sessions. It was a different and wonderful experience. In these 11 days I felt change in my mind, thoughts , like I am a lazy person but I got up at 5:30 am everyday without any excuse , then I started to give time to physical activity which I needed badly and was thinking about it for a long time. I feel breathwork has helped me somewhere . I hope to continue it :) 
Thanks for your guidance Shuchi :)"

Breathwork with Shuchi helped me to deepen my understanding and practice of meditation. 

This led to increased self-awareness revealing the issues that needed to be addressed and equipping me with tools to do so. Shuchi's gentle approach creates an easy and comfortable environment where one can put the guards down and be vulnerable. Also she manages to hold the space where there is both nurturing discipline and compassion. 

I would recommend her breathwork course both for beginners and practitioners.

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