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Feeling is Healing!

We all are emotional beings and feel different range of emotions in a day. Emotions direct our lives. How many times we take decisions based on our emotions….??

Today, when we talk about Health we take a Holistic approach– Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit. It is very important for all of us to take care of our Emotional Health and develop Emotional Intelligence.

Many a times we feel confused in even naming our feelings/emotions. Understanding and identifying them can sometimes be tricky and complex. Emotional Wheel, by Robert Plutchik (1927–2006) a psychologist and professor of psychiatry, helps us to recognize and naming our emotions. By looking at the wheel we may resonate with some of the emotions strongly. Enhancing our vocabulary significantly helps us in discerning and effectively responding to them.

*Emotional wheel by Robert Plutchik

*By Machine Elf 1735 - Own work, Public Domain,

So what to do when we are sad, angry, or disappointed. What to do when sorrow takes over or grief settles in? The way is to be with our feelings. We can give ourselves sometime to be with our feelings. Many a times behind a surface/primary feeling there can be buried more deeper feelings. We are conditioned to suppress and ignore these aspects of ours. FULLY FEELING IS HEALING - When we allow ourselves to feel fully, the locked and suppressed energy in our system gets free and is available to us. We can say to ourselves that it is completely OK for me to feel this way and have these emotions. All emotions are valid .

The more we are in tune with our feelings, more we are connected with our true nature. Connecting with your feelings also increases your intuition and your ability to understand and connect with others.

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