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Book for Thought: The Untold Story of Sita by Dena Merriam

Since child hood we have listened to the stories in Ramayana and been fascinated by them, building up further stories in mind - How the events would have been and were they really true. Lots of questions come to mind as - If Sita Maa is Goddess Laxmi, how could she be abducted by Ravana, If Ram Ji is the ideal man, then how could he left Sita Maa, Why is Sita Maa always shown as crying and a victim. I always have been curious and believed that there must be a different side of the story. Something which has not been seen or misunderstood. If you have similar questions or fascinated by the legendary EPIC, then it’s a must read. The book gives new insights and perceptions which will re-establish your faith that Ram Ji and Sita Ji are not just some characters in history or to be worshipped in temples only. They are living realities who continue to guide the human race. Also, if you are a meditator and have interest in past lives then it will kindle the fire within.

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